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posted by Ethan Nichtern This is one of my all-time favorites quotes, and we discussed it in the Meditation in Everyday Life course last week, part of the awesome Way of Shambhala curriculum. It always brings me back to Earth […]

Unlike Sid, Lodro’s dog Tillie is a big fan of the turkey by Lodro Rinzler Before Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment at age 35 he was a confused twenty and thirty-something looking to learn how to live a spiritual life. He had […]

posted by Ethan Nichtern (for more about IDP, visit the Interdependence Project‘s main website) Welcome to the day of the year with the strangest name: Black Friday 2009. Next comes Cyber Monday 2009. The name feels like an apocalypse, or […]

posted by Ethan Nichtern (Something to contemplate while basting turkey or tofurkey) A Precious Human Life Every day, think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to have woken up, I am alive, I have a precious human life, […]

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Throughout this week, while everyone’s minds were on the upcoming holiday and the four day weekend, I found myself slightly distracted, trying to figure how to address the next of the Six Paramitas and how it applies […]

by Jerry Kolber, IDP, follow me on Twitter . For more about the IDP check out The Intderdependence Project website As talk turns to turkey, pilgrims, stuffing, and Black Friday, I offer you the best and most accurate children’s Thanksgivingpresentation […]

by Greg Zwahlen I’ve always been fascinated by multiple personality disorder (or dissociative identity disorder, as it is now properly called). My fascination increased a couple of years ago when I read a rather lurid book called The Myth of […]

by Ellen Scordato Thanksgiving, a particularly American holiday, is coming up on Thursday. What are we giving thanks for? What am I grateful for? What are you grateful for? These kinds of questions get asked a lot around this time […]

by Ethan Nichtern(for more information on the Interdependence Project, visit I’ll admit it, I’ve been listening to Lady Gaga this last week. Her new album The Fame Monster is out today. Call it a Bad Romance, and call me […]

In one week, I’ll be heading to the Atlanta Soto Zen Centerto sit my first 7 day retreat in honor of Rohatsu, the Japanese Buddhistholiday commemorating the Buddha’s enlightenment.  My plan is to pack light, no checked luggage,just a backpack […]