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I’m a buddhist. I read the Wall Street Journal as often as I can. I don’t see how anyone interested in interdependence can ignore the WSJ. I think any buddhist interested in relieving suffering in this world of relative reality […]

Well, of course that’s sort of a silly thing to say. That’s like saying Buddhism is the World’s Best Religion. Who would ever make such a claim? But the new Interdependence Project website is pretty great. Lots to check out […]

Below is a video from Real Time with Bill Maher, where journalist Bill Moyers sends a great message to President Obama on standing up for change, and brilliantly diagnoses what’s wrong with our political system, and especially, the non-progressives in […]

This month, I reviewed Colin Beavan’s book “No Impact Man: The Adventures Of A Guilty Liberal Who Attempts To Save The Planet And The Discoveries He Makes About Himself And His Way Of Life In The Process” for The Brooklyn […]

A few weeks ago I wrote about how amazing my first week long meditation retreat was.   What I didn’t mention was the extra helpful advice about retreat practice I got in the form of a handwritten note from my friend […]

The original threesome of Buddhism: the three jewels What would Sid do? Before Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment at age 35 he was a confused twenty and thirty-something looking to learn how to live a spiritual life. He had an overbearing […]

Belowis a simple and awesome animation by Andy Lubershane  about Health Care Reform. The main thing it does, which progressives have so far failed to do in any coherent message, is explain why certain services (police, fire, health care, etc) […]

I recently noticed that the “For Dummies” franchise had a book called “Buddhism for Dummies”.  This made me laugh. Buddhism is a philosophy (and, in some areas of the world, a religion) full of deep-sounding expressions, lots of quiet time […]

Vice President Joe Biden crying while speaking of the third and last of the Kennedy Brothers. My favorite memorial thoughts so far. I do hope they follow Robert Byrd‘s advice and name the health care bill after Kennedy, complete with […]

Beloved Vietnamese Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh is in Massachusetts General Hospital being treated for pneumonia. The text of his letter from the hospital and more details are available at the Oxherding and Zencast blogs. (photo from Plum Village) The […]