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Below is a video from Real Time with Bill Maher, where journalist Bill Moyers sends a great message to President Obama on standing up for change, and brilliantly diagnoses what’s wrong with our political system, and especially, the non-progressives in the Democratic Party. Again, I think it is very important to realize that the United States an utter anomaly in the world of Capitalist Democracies, the only major country that has so far failed to see health care reform as an issue in the universal public interest. I don’t get it? Why isn’t America a place where we take care of each other?

And should readers feel, as inexplicably sometimes seems the case, that Buddhism should not concern itself with politics (an assertion for which there is precisely zero traditional evidence), here’s the complete interview Moyers did with Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron on his show a few years ago. In both interviews, it’s pretty clear that Moyers is…well…the man. Have a great weekend.
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