One City
January 1, 1970 Archives

As we sat to practice last night, below the yoga studio the Bowery was teeming with rush hour traffic and every third driver seemed to be leaning on their horn in frustration and hurry. My first thought was, “I’m glad […]

There is no shortage of evidence that the earth is burning, flooding, asphyxiating and dying.  9 out of 10 dentists agree that something has to be done or our children (or their children) will inherit a planet that cannot support […]

In this week’s podcast Ethan leads a discussion on how the Buddha’s teachings of the 8 Traps of Hope and Fear (Tradionally called The 8 Wordly Concerns) relate to our daily battles with success and failure.  How do we try […]

The purported fossil missing link found this morning of 47 million year old Darwinius Masillae is causing a stir. Some people think it’s the key to understanding our entire human evolution, some are not so sure. I just like the […]

Image courtesy / MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change Global warming, already high on the list of major problems, is much worse than we thought according to a new study by MIT. The image you […]