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January 1, 1970 Archives

Check out this awesome graphic composed by I.D. Project’s  very own Juan Carlos Castro: So, turns out – according to U.S. Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, that Swine Flu is less severe than feared.

This Here and There Map is a really interesting integration of intuitive and analytical map experience.  You can easily locate yourself within your immediate surroundings as well as look off to the horizon and see your potential destinations…so cool.  This […]

This past Sunday the New York Times Magazine had an interesting article by Russell Shorto, an American expat living in the Netherlands, in which he provides a nuanced description of a society whose more humane version of capitalism the United […]

A recent article in The Times Union discusses the impending complexity of choosing the successor to the 14th Dalai Lama: For more than six centuries, the next Dalai Lama has been chosen by regents who, it is said, through omens and portents found the deceased […]

Recently I’ve found myself with the urge to take better care of myself. Eating healthier, exercising more, going to bed earlier, sticking to my meditation practice. I’m not worrying about catching the swine flu, this isn’t a totally neurotic thing. […]