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On Monday, April 27, 2009 I closed the NASDAQ – yes, that’s right. Y’all can thank little ol’ me for stopping the American economy’s losses in stocks that day. Why did I get to go to the NASDAQ? Because I’m […]

What dynamic exists between our logical mind and our intuitive mind?  What practices can we develop to more mindfully navigate our concepts and experience? In this week’s Podcast “Logic vs. Feeling”, Ethan leads a discussion to explore some of these […]

Dear All One City Readers, Our blog has officially moved over to Beliefnet! To get there follow: Let’s continue all the great discussions over there! Direct URL is:

From the point of view of some more dogmatic teachers, The Buddha gave his students some crazy instructions. Perhaps the craziest one of all was when he taught them how to regard his teachings. He told them to treat his […]

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