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January 1, 1970 Archives

This week’s Podcast from the IDProject is a talk with Ethan on Karma and Materialism, check it out here.  <—- This is an image of a textile sculpture by artist Barbara Schulman titled “An Artifact of Materialism”.  She carefully sewed […]

The other day I got a solicitation from Shambhala Sun magazine. It included a series of “True or False” questions designed to intrigue the solicitee, one of which was: Playing rock is a profound spiritual path. A: True. Any activity […]

This is damn damn brilliant and simply executed, if you didn’t see it yet:

At 9:30pm on any given Tuesday night, what I’d really like to do most in the world is watch just one more episode of House or Six Feet Under. However, lately I’ve been trying my very best to restrain myself. […]