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I could not resist writing a little political parody for today’s post. So here you go. – Jerry Kolber McCain Accuses Obama of Being “A Robot” CNN – October 31, 2008 – Ohio: Sen. John McCain stepped up his rhetoric […]

A bit of campaign literature on All Hallow’s Eve!

This past Saturday at Hardcore Dharma we settled atop our cushions to discuss one lens through which to view the Buddhist path, the three yanas (vehicles).  Descriptive of Tibetan Buddhism, the three yanas are the Hinayana (literally translated as the […]

I’m guessing about 30% of you saw Barack Obama’s half-hour infomercial last night. It’s worth watching as an example of the gentlest, most inviting, come-in-and-have-a-freshly-baked-cookie political propaganda that has ever been created in the history of political propaganda. But propaganda […]

Hi everyone, We had a great integral activism/back to the sack meeting this past Sunday. Along with our normal meditation practice and status updates, we did a talking and listening exercise around the discussion of term limits in NYC. It […]

To begin with, a shameless plug. Now, down to the nitty gritty. I rarely get nightmares anymore; I’m so tired these days that once I zonk out, I’m out for the night and my dreams are lost to the hours. […]

This is the last of three related posts about the possibility of a broad rethinking of what progressive economic policy should look like, informed by For the Common Good: Redirecting the Economy toward Community, the Environment, and a Sustainable Future, […]

Because I’m so preoccupied with what happens on November 4th, and then the One City Walk on November 8th (to raise much needed funds for our Integral Activism program), I don’t have time for a massive post. But needless to […]

What to say about the new Charlie Kaufman film Synecdoche, NY? The friend I went to go see it with said it was “a downer” and a movie she didn’t think she’d ever feel the need to see again. I […]

When I was 12 I did not fill my journals with interpersonal accounts of boys I liked.  Unlike many of my artsy girlfriends, I did not scrawl flight of fancy stories or purplish sexual fantasies.  Unlike the conventionally romantic girls […]