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Guest post by Rafi Santo, via A couple of weeks back I came across a fascinating post on the blog GamePolitics. It reported that a player of the game Burnout, on Xbox Live, had seen and taken a screen […]

The Atlantic has (finally) brought back the informal video podcast discussions between two of my very favorite bloggers, Andrew Sullivan and Marc Ambinder. Sullivan, as you may know, ranks among the most-visited single-author blogs in the galaxy and Ambinder, as […]

Quick Reminder: We are going to have our monthly Integral Activism/Back to Sack meeting this Sunday October 26, 2008 from 12 to 2pm at the Lila Center (302 Bowery, 3rd Floor). We are going to be talking about some of […]

The good news: I went thirteen months without consuming a cup of coffee. The sort of bad news: tonight I drank a cup of coffee for the first time in thirteen months. How did I accomplish this? you may ask. […]

Following up on last week’s post, I wanted to highlight a chapter in For the Common Good: Redirecting the Economy toward Community, the Environment, and a Sustainable Future, by economist Herman E. Daly and a philosopher-theologian John B. Cobb Jr., […]

The hero myth is found in every culture throughout the world, throughout the millenia. The process of call to adventure, initiation, wandering in the mythological woods, conquering evil, and returning home with knowledge to help the community is the basic […]

A guest post by Leon Liu, aka Freestone I went to listen to the talk given by Sharon Salzberg at IDP. From the talk, I can see how the insight meditation can work. Here I want to talk a little […]

by guest blogger Leon Liu aka Freestone the following posts are related to lectures and discussion at the IDP on Monday nights and the Saturday hardcore dharma classes thanks Leon! THE SUBJECT AND OBJECT, PART ONE The The moment you […]

Saturday, October 11: Subject: Right Action The 5-7 class at Hardcore Dharma this week took place under the darkening skies of early autumn. Long-sleeved and cross-legged we discussed Sila, Right Action or Conduct, the third aspect of the second category […]

My apologies to the One City community, I got caught up watching the final debate last night and neglected to pen something substantive for this AM. It was fun to watch McCain turn himself into the Incredible Edible Angry Old […]