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Stillman Brown is not impressed with your fireworks. I recently entered a state of amorous crush (crushiness?) and this passage from Pema Chodron’s book The Places That Scare You made me squirm with uncomfortable self-recognition. She is talking about the […]

Sorry to post out of turn, but this was in today’s New York Times: 10 Things to Scratch from your Worry List. “For most of the year, it is the duty of the press to scour the known universe looking […]

From Rafi Santo of the Integral Activism Team: For those that weren’t able to make it to this Sunday’s meeting, we have an incredible opportunity to take action on our Back to the Sack: No More Plastic Bags initiative this […]

This video isn’t new, it’s from about a year ago, but in celebration of having successfully assembled all my new IKEA furniture (which is an adventure in patience and commitment and, well, splinters), I thought I’d post this. Mark Malkoff, […]

This was in the works before Ethan Nichtern’s recent allusion to Proust, but I think it’s an appropriate follow-up. In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, dathün is the word for a month-long session of practice in retreat. In the Shambhala community […]

Have you seen Al Gore’s July 17 Speech saying “The Survival of the United States as we know it is at stake?” Also, do you know who Simran Sethi is? The blogosphere has been talking about how this speech has […]

Hi all, Stillman here. My thoughts on last week’s retreat at at Karme Choling will be up early next week. In the meantime, bounce with my mans Bert & Ernie. Word.

At tonight’s ID Project Portland meeting Davee Evans wrapped up his month long series of talks about how our meditation practice influences our consumption choices. During the discussion the inevitable issue of plastic bags came up. We all agreed that […]

Well, as cassmaster said, we’ve been chatting via email about our mutual interest in that thing we’re not supposed to talk about in America: the class system and the myth of meritocracy. So I’ll follow up her post on this […]