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Courtesy of Vanity Fair: Not nearly as offensive (no racist stereotypes – they’d have to have McCain in a Klan outfit to even come close), but what do you think?

AKA: How Bedbugs Ruined my Low Impact Consumption Month.

In the course of my graduate work in urban planning, I spent a lot of time analyzing Coney Island and working with the City (the Coney Island Development Corporation) on a comprehensive redevelopment plan for it. I enjoyed it greatly—I […]

Our weeklong meditation retreat went great. Happy to report that Stillman Brown did in fact attain enlightenment Friday morning. He is now accepting disciples via comments to this post (I am his secretary, as his being is now too ethereal […]

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Not to sound repetitive, but I’ve been thinking a lot about anger lately. At the retreat last month we talked about feelings of anger towards others. But what about anger that is directed AT us, from someone else other than […]

I watched a 20-minute video today called The Story of Stuff about American consumption habits and how they affect our lives and the world. It’s fast paced, designed to be amusing and easy to digest, and packs a lot of […]

The Williamsburg Hipster. In Buddhist epistemological terms, it’s an example of a “generally characterized phenomena”—a general concept, in other words. And judging by the reactions it provokes in certain quarters of the blogosphere (and elsewhere), for many people it’s a […]

Above is this week’s cover of the New Yorker. This is the worst magazine cover I have seen in my lifetime. They claim it is satire, but I can’t see it. No matter who you want to be president, no […]

Cassie’s post this week has had me thinking a lot about meditating through difficult times… and the guts it takes to blog about it, too. I’m low on sharing vulnerability, but I’m going to take a line from Cassie — […]