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   “I said to my soul be still and let the darkness come upon me and know it is the Darkness of God.” -T. S. Eliot     There are many poets who are or were also meditators.  Ginsberg.  Stanley Kunitz.  […]

In one of my journals somewhere I have notes about what my New Year’s resolutions were. I’m sure I wrote them down . . . Anyone else remember what theirs were? Have you been keeping them? How’s that going? Mine […]

By Stillman Brown This week I will not be writing about politics. I’m exhausted, frazzled, burned out like a crust of hamburger bun allowed to slip between the grill’s steely teeth and onto the charcoal. I can’t even write a […]

If you’re a liberal/Democrat/progressive/angry young person who is still undecided about who to vote for in tomorrow’s primary, I can help you – With the power of words! These two pieces are the best new writing about a) Obama vs. […]

I spent the weekend working on activism for the IDP, and then working for the gentleman in the video below (no not from the Black Eyed Peas). Then I watched the Superbowl. So many experiences, so little time to […]

According to Forbes, New York City is the 4th most miserable city in the nation, after only: 1.  Detroit, Michigan 2.  Stockton, California 3.  Flint, Michigan  The miserable reasons include the average commute time, housing costs, income tax rates, crime statistics, […]

One of my closest friends announced today that she’ll be leaving New York for Portland in a month. My throat hurts and it’s raining. I haven’t finished the rest of the “Mara” story so I can’t post that. It’s Friday […]