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Like the last one, this one is Gap-Style cheesey, majorly cringe-inducing (more than the first), yet sorta catchy and somehow tugs at the heartstrings (less than the first). Maybe it’s just cuz I’m a triple cancer. But posts have been […]

A couple of Fridays ago, I was in a bar on West 48th nursing a Hoegaarden and trying to salvage a date that was quickly moving into no-man’s land when an Irish fellow named Pat (it could have been Nat, […]

  Recently, one of my artist friends who became involved in meditation and Buddhism described her changing relationship to her art.  “I used to paint from the I, and now that my perception is changing, so is my art.”  She spoke […]

All, Two articles just came out in major media outlets about I.D. Project community members! This first one is the piece about Noah Levine and myself. I think it’s a great article, well-written by a friend of mine. I […]

Hey! Please check out this amazing interview with Buddhist psychologist, Miriam Greenspan. Her exposition on grief and “dark” emotions is some of the wisest advice I have ever heard. This is really really really worth reading, especially if you have […]

All the initial work we did on our Integral Activism Plastic Bag initiative is now up on the I.D. Project Site HERE. It was fun for the whole family. We’ll be planning a lot of stuff in the coming days, […]

Piggy-backing off Eva’s post, here’s an interesting site of letters-never-sent…love and other: I also have 3 love/lust related pieces up on All Things Girl at the moment….let me know your thoughts! —–<—@ x 12 -Sarah

Probably the best Post Secret in weeks is up right now: And here’s some art to look at while you come down off the chocolate high: That’s all I got. Happy Friday.

Forgive me for blogging out of turn, but I just read this article on Salon “you are a dork who reads political blogs” dot com and thought this might be a dharma issue for One City peeps to ponder. As […]

I just wrote a letter to the editor at the New York Times. The letter is in response to this Op-Ed piece by Paul Krugman (who usually writes super-intelligently about the economy). The piece is a hatchet job on Barack […]