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Sentient City: The Art of Urban Dharma, Vol. 3 We are now accepting literary, visual arts, and music submissions for Sentient City: The Art of Urban Dharma, The Interdependence Project’s online arts magazine. The theme for Volume Three is “Past, […]

This is going to be a short post and I apologize for that. I’m under deadline for an article I’m writing, and since the ID Project is blowing up, there’s a lot of work to be done to make sure […]

I’m very excited to be starting this *new* year with a *new* job, teaching yoga at an all-girls school in the Lower East Side. In preparing for the classes, I’ve been scouring bookstores, the net, my friend’s minds for innovative […]

Here’s a book every pre-teen and teenage girl should own: Nancy Redd‘s Body Drama, just out this month from Gotham Books. I was lucky enough to see the author (and some of the young women in the book) read and […]

By Stillman Brown I’ve watched my shoelace get progressively shorter. The lace in question is attached to the right-side partner of a pair of black leather Kenneth Coles known as my Work Shoes (formerly, my Interview Shoes and before that, […]

Excited by all this primary action? Or in a state of meditative quiescence over the whole thing? I’ve always felt that not voting IS voting – for the way things are now, which is status quo, in which most of […]

I like Barack Obama.  I don’t care if he has less experience than Hillary.  He’s what America needs.

I didn’t find a lot of buddhism in Ireland. Of course that doesn’t mean it’s not there, and it didn’t stop me from looking for interdependence. And any trip to another country always highlights that for me–with halogen highbeams, actually. […]

First of all, it’s freezing out. Nay, below freezing. In case you haven’t been outside. And if you’re reading this, whether you’re here in New York or elsewhere in Dharma Land, chances are you could use a little post-holiday giving […]