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By Stillman Brown On Tuesday night at 11:50 PM I was in bed, under the covers, trying to sleep, my mind buzzing with the contents of Wednesday. The commute, the girl I like, the fax machine at work haunted by […]

By Cassmaster P I love to dance more than anything. I have started doing this thing in my room called dance therapy, whereby I shut my door, turn the volume way up and dance hard and fast for about 30 […]

I’ve been teaching grammar, punctuation, and the like at the New School for about ten years. After work, at either 6 or 8pm, for undergraduates and continuing ed students. My class size is limited to 15; I seldom max out […]

There are retreats in Costa Rica and catalogs full of expensive courses at Kripalu and Omega. There are studios full of $20 courses. But what if you can’t afford these things or they’re totally off your radar? Maybe this will […]

By Stillman Brown My areas of expertise are thin, scraggly, and can’t support much more than weeds. This week I find myself drawn towards a subject about which I am singularly unqualified to pontificate upon: politics. I’ve been eating and […]

I know it’s not my day, but I thought I’d share this with the many eager readers of One City (“The O.C.” for short). We bloggers are on a strict rotation, so I hope I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes, […]

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” –The Doc So there are times when it feels right to get off your ass. Not that I don’t get off my ass already, but sometimes there […]

I’ve been sprinkled with holy water; immersed myself, head to toe, sans makeup, nail polish, clothing, and moisturizer, in a mikvah (the Jewish ritual bath); and finally had an Asian woman snap her fingers at me. ItalBuJu. That’s not a […]

                  Last week’s Sunday Styles section of the NYTimes was plastered with the well-defined cheek bones of Carla Bruni, described in the article as a “man trap, serial heart-wrecker, rocker arm candy, photogenic cipher, arrogant heiress, polling gimmick – […]

Richard Price is awesome. And Sam Lipsyte is pretty darn amazing, too. Combined, they’re my excuse for not having a well thought-out blog this week. Their reading last night at the Russian Samovar, the first in a series of monthly […]