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Beliefnet’s latest gallery Seeing Jesus (and Mary) in Food and Other Objects — features photos from religious sightings in nature or non-religious objects. The gallery, crafted by pop-culture experts Harry and Sandra Choron (who also wrote a book, Look! It’s Jesus!, on the subject), includes images that range from the humorous (Jesus as a Cheeto, named “Cheesus”) to the downright mysterious (Ashtray Jesus).

Whether you think its a sign from above, or a whole lot of hot air, its worth taking a look. Check the gallery out here.

Despite the markedly Christian title, the gallery does include one non-Christian example (a Buddha image in a beehive). But the gallery got me thinking about such religious sightings and Hinduism.

What does Hinduism have to say about this phenomenon?

There a few examples of Hindu religious sightings that I’ve seen, like this flower resembling Sri Ganesh.

Still, for a faith that is very comfortable with the idea that the Divine can (and does) appear in a variety of forms and manifestations, I could find few cases of religious sightings (in food or other common non-religious objects). What gives?

Do you think Hinduism supports the idea of religious sightings? Do you know of any religious sightings involving Hindu deities or imagery? Or do you think the whole thing is just a case of the fertile and faithful imagination running wild?

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