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I recorded this on Thursday morning, but never got it posted due to a last-minute article assignment from the Daily Beast, which I researched/interviewed/wrote on Thursday and which posted Friday. It’s currently the most emailed article at the Beast. More […]

As promised yesterday, here is my video response to a few of your questions. Too many good questions to answer in a single, not-very-long post (I’m trying to stay below 5 minutes). So if I didn’t get to your question, […]

We’ve done some question-and-answer things before on this blog when it comes to writing, and my books, and how my wife and I met. But I thought it might be fun to try it a new way: via video blogging.So […]

Say what you will about the current age of advertising, what with all the celebrity sell-outs and general ickiness and our inability to get particular jingles out of our heads. But at least our ads aren’t filled with utterly disturbing […]

Ten years ago, I got my start in the advertising and design industries when I started working for a local printer, Amarillo’s biggest. They had a boutique little design/marketing studio for their customers, and I was hired to work in […]

It occurred to me this morning, while brushing my teeth, that while many people suffer from “not enough,” I am fortunate to suffer from “too many.” Complaining about having too much of something reminds me of something Matthew Perry’s Chandler […]

It’s July, one month before my three new Pocket Guide books release. If you’re getting tired of me saying “Pocket Guide,” then I have some bad news for you. Over the next couple of months, I’m going to be talking […]