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Some of you are new here, but if you’ve were reading this blog back in January, you probably remember that I won a contest put together by the good, creative folks at ChangeEffect in Chicago. (Thanks again to those of […]

Saggy pants. Personally, that’s a fashion trend I’ve never understood. I’ve tolerated it, sure, because what can a person do when some hip teen can hardly walk around because his zipper keeps getting caught in his shoestrings? I’ve laughed at […]

I grew up Southern Baptist — and I still attend a Southern Baptist church — but my faith journey has taken me through a lot more wide open ecumenical spaces than the narrow Southern Baptist road. I guess I’d describe […]

So I’m on Facebook now. I’ve been putting it off for a long time. I registered for MySpace back when Facebook was still open only to college students and everyone was on MySpace. I did it mainly to promote my […]

Just in case any of you are aspiring to the life of freelance writing because you think it’s a totally glam occupation full of interesting projects, here’s a list of some of the topics I’ve gotten paid to write about […]

I can’t decide what to post today. When indecisive, it helps to make a list. 1. is a helpful website if people keep sending you dubious forwards, unhelpful urban legends, unwanted photos, or letters about how the long-dead Madilyn […]