O Me of Little Faith

There are three things I am loving today, and they are as follows:

1. MacGyver. Farhad Manjoo — former “Machinist” columnist at Salon who just recently joined the team at Slatewrites about the equal doses of brilliance and lameness that come from rewatching “MacGyver” episodes on DVD as a grown-up. “But to adult eyes ‘MacGyver’ is often too goofy by half,” he writes. Noted. I loved Mac as a burgeoning teenager. There were reruns on a couple years ago, and I ended up watching an episode with fresh, adult eyes. The goofiness was high. In that ep, MacGyver actually resuscitated a heart-attack victim using a microphone cable and silver candlesticks. Kids, don’t try that at home.

But the Bigfoot episode? Still awesome. The complete series is out on DVD.

Addendum 1: Read a comprehensive list of the problems he MacGuyvered his way out of here.

Addendum 2: I own a Swiss Army Knife.

2. Mark Hurst, author of the self-published (and successful) book Bit Literacy, reveals the secrets of the book publishing industry — and the reasons he decided to self-publish instead of go through the mainstream channels. He makes some very good points. Aspiring authors will want to read this. Especially the part about how “you, the author, can’t be in it for the money — it doesn’t pay enough. You should write a book because you believe in it.” Don’t write a book for the money. Just…don’t.

Addendum 1: Here’s some stuff I’ve written about writing and publishing industry.

Addendum 2: Here’s some more.

3. Graph Jam. If you love pie charts, and you love pop culture, and you love Demetri Martin, then you will love Graph Jam.

Addendum 1: I’m serious. Go tool around Graph Jam. It will make you happy.

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