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Feel like doing a little Fishing, do you? Who could blame you? There is something incredibly sweet and soulful and nice and cuddly and inherently lovable about your average Pisces. They are sensitive and caring and can make a wonderful […]

Once upon a time Goldilocks (who is a Pisces) went to Speed Dating… sponsored by the National Oat Growers Association, so naturally porridge was involved. She sat down at the big, long table and prepared to receive her potential suitors. […]

The Sign: Pisces, the Fish The Hero: Groot, Guardians Of The Galaxy Known For: Doesn’t look intimidating, and isn’t… until he very suddenly becomes very intimidating. Lives with his best friend. Actually, his best friend lives on Groot, but he’s […]

(Part of a twelve part series. Click HERE to collect ’em all!) The Sign: Pisces, the Fish The Villain: Freddy Krueger, A Nightmare On Elm Street Known For: Detachment from the daily realities of the mundane world, a strongly-developed interest […]

It takes a certain cleverness to make a relationship work between an Aquarius and a Pisces — just like it takes cunning to swipe an ad that’s copyright DC Comics and Hostess and alter it enough to get away with […]

Hi, I’m Vince for Pisces! You’ll be saying “wow” every time you get involved with one! It’s like a chamois! It’s like a towel! It’s like a sponge! Most people just can’t soak up this much raw sentiment and guilt! […]

Pluto is going to be in Capricorn until 2023, which can make it difficult to sort out what effect it will have on your life on any given day, week, or even month. It’s powerful, but often subtle and long-term, […]

Your introduction to Saturn in Sagittarius (and details for the other eleven Signs) is HERE. I’ll update it every three months or so, so keep coming back! What’s in it for me? “Saturn in Sagittarius” means that Saturn is now […]

Once more unto the breach, attempting to make this month more fun than usual.  This time around, we’re going to take a poke at Pisces. And why not? They’re usually sweet and caring enough to let you away with it… […]