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matthew currie astrology seduce capricornCapricorn has a reputation for being firmly in control of themselves and, as much as possible, their resources. This Sign is usually more associated with bosses and banking than with sex and seduction, but there can be something undeniably sexy about these folks. Looking to enthrall one of your very own? Read to the Introduction to the series first…

GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER: Showing a little self-control and containment is usually a good thing, but especially so with a Capricorn. Yes, you know exactly what it is you want out of the situation — and your intended Capricorn probably does too. But if despite that you managed to maintain an air of calm and self-control, Capricorn will likely find that especially sexy.

BE READY TO PRESENT YOUR RESUME: Dating a Capricorn doesn’t have to be a job interview, but Capricorn has a distinct preference for quality over quantity. Odds are good that, if you think about it, you’ve probably got a fairly sexy set of “core competencies.” Don’t brag, but don’t be afraid to let Capricorn know that you’re a solid emotional investment. Being yourself is a good thing… but knowing and projecting that is even better!

SHOW SOME CLASS, WILL YOU? Not looking like a slob and having a basic familiarity with social conventions is probably good advice all around when attempting to get someone’s attention, but especially so with a Capricorn. They’re looking for someone outstanding to be with, not “someone who sticks out” in a bad way. Be outstanding, but don’t “stand out”!

THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING DIRECT. Admittedly, if walking up to a stranger you’re attracted to and clearly stating your sexual intentions was always likely to work, you wouldn’t be needing any seduction tips. Nonetheless, once you’ve established that you are an item of interest, there’s nothing wrong with plainly stating that you are available, and you’re available now… lucky Capricorn, passing your credit application!

Finally, if you want to seduce a Capricorn, there is something you should avoid. Capricorns may like honesty, but they don’t usually like it if you are too forward. Even if you are interested in the product, no one likes a loud and pushy salesman, do they? Remember: you’re not just the salesman, you are also the product… and if you’ve got a quality product, there’s no need to corner anyone in order to seal the deal.

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