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matthew currie astrology seduce a geminiBefore you go off and start that romantic conversation with your Gemini of choice, read the introduction to this series: CLICK HERE for it.

So: you’ve decided to take on the charms and wit of a Gemini. Good for you! They’re a lot of fun. Yes, sometimes you may wonder if they’re taking you seriously, or taking the right things seriously at the right time, but hey — no one’s perfect. Gemini isn’t really as flighty as they sometimes get accused of: you’re just having a hard time keeping up with what they’re finding significant at any given minute. But if you think about it, that does sound like fun, doesn’t it?

Here are some handy tips for making time with a Gemini:

WORK WITH THE HEAD: Intellectual stimulation is the key here. Let your intended Gemini know you’re smart. Don’t be afraid to steer the conversation towards your field(s) of expertise, whatever it may be. If they have an interest in it (or are willing to fake it), you’ve got their attention. If that Gemini isn’t familiar with that field, they’ll probably want to know more — and withing a few minutes will have a surprising grasp of the subject.

LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX: Okay, this doesn’t mean you have to lay it all out on the table (literally or figuratively), but at least talking around the subject can lead things to where you’re wanting them to go. If there’s anyone who can be convinced to get into bed with you for purely logical reasons, it might be Gemini.

LISTEN AND TAKE NOTES: The Twins have a reputation for talking about things a lot. If you pay close attention to both what they’re saying and the possible subtext, they’ll let you know exactly where they’re going with their emotions, even if it isn’t the exact subject being discussed. Did that sentence seem a little too complicated for its own good? Yeah, that’s Gemini.

HAND THEM ENOUGH ROPE: Again, take an intellectual approach… keep ’em talking. Show some interest. Understanding a Gemini and agreeing with them is as good as roses and chocolates. If you can keep up with their reasoning, then you’ve got it made.

Psssst — hey. Did you notice that the above four points are largely re-phrasings of the same point, four different ways? Yeah. Gemini.


Finally, something you should avoid with Gemini – boredom. Okay, it’s pretty much impossible to keep a Gemini entertained ALL the time… even another Gemini can’t do that. But shoot down a Gemini’s ideas, keep them restricted in a routine, ignore them while they’re talking, and generally show a lack of interest in whatever is fascinating them today, and you’ll lose this one.

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