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matthew currie astrology moon in taurus(Since The Moon is often associated with the conditions of one’s childhood, here’s Part Two of a twelve-part series about the Moon in your birth chart — your emotional comfort zone — written from both the perspective of a standard astrological interpretation and a children’s story from the perspective of each Moon Sign. Bring your own milk and cookies)


Moon in Taurus

The sign of the Bull is where the Moon is “exalted.” In other words, it is considered to be at its strongest and do its best work, and you are excellent at doing a lot of Moon-related things: being nurturing and supportive, making people feel comfortable with you, and binge eating. You are the kind of person who naturally puts others at ease, like a good hostage negotiator. Moon in Taurus people tend to be slow to anger, but once they get to that point, a hostage negotiator is often required. This is especially true if the cause of the wrath is hunger. Moon in Taurus people love to chow down. You have a fondness for lazing around and eating that can only be matched by an overweight, neutered cat.

Moon in Taurus strives to find strength and stability in its relationships and children, and since those are rare qualities, Moon in Taurus is often quietly disappointed with the people closest to it. Material security is important to you, and you can often be found talking loudly about your investments, whether financial or emotional. And those investments frequently tend to under perform compared to your long-term projections. You make an excellent shoulder to cry on, are physically affectionate, and can probably cook a mean pot roast.



Beauty’s sleep was interrupted by frantic hacking and slashing sounds coming from outside. The handsome Prince was fighting his way through the wall of thorns that had magically sprung up around the castle. “I suppose I should get up and help him,” Beauty said to herself.

She paused to contemplate the softness of the bed she laid on, and the warmth of the thick eider down duvet that covered her.

“Then again,” she said to herself as she rolled over and prepared to go back to sleep, “there’s nothing wrong with a girl making a man work for it a little. I hope he brought Chinese food…”


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