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matthew currie astrology pregnancy(In Part One — CLICK HERE for it — I covered some of the general principles of astrology and fertility. This time, we look at some practical application.)

A lot of people have an interest in making a baby. Others, an interest in avoiding making a baby. As we should all remember from Junior High Biology class, following a very few simple rules can help you attain that goal. Of course, making a baby is slightly more complicating than avoiding it — no one needed a cookbook to learn how to not bake a cake, after all.

There are a lot of complicated rules and exceptions in astrology, and doing all the calculations as to when conception could happen is no exception. However, there is at least one astrological technique that holds up pretty consistently that you don’t even need to be an astrologer to use.

Fertility appears to follow two cycles. One is the obvious one: your monthly cycle. If you’re trying to conceive and haven’t been able to for a while, you’ve likely gone through the whole procedure of charting your fertile days, making your man wears boxer shorts, and on and on. Astrologically,  there is a second cycle to be aware of.

Have a look at your own birth chart. Note the angle between the Sun and Moon, regardless of the Signs involved. If you have Sun opposition Moon, you were born on a Full Moon. If you have Sun Conjunct Moon, you were born on the New Moon. If you have Sun square Moon, you were born on the half Moon, and so on.

Take that calendar you’ve got with the red check marks on your fertile days and look at the current Moon phase… again, regardless of Sign placement. When the Sun and Moon are about the same distance apart in the sky as they were when you were born, all else being equal, you are more likely to conceive. So if you have Sun sextile Moon in your birth chart, you are most likely to get pregnant if you have sex on a “fertile” day (according to your measurements) which falls four or five days before OR after the Full Moon.

Now: have fun making a baby. And if my advice works for you… Matthew isn’t a bad name for a boy, is it?

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