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Venus entered Sagittarius today and stays there until November 11th. As with all planetary positions, how this affects you will depend on the individual details of your birth chart. Nonetheless, there is also a certain vibe that that comes with any planet in any Sign that tends to hang over us all. Like for example — yes, Venus in Scorpio has a certain serious intensity to it that would have had some effect on your human relations.

Venus in Sagittarius may have a more “light” and “fun” reputation than Venus in Scorpio does, and for many of you that will be a relief. So hey, there couldn’t possibly be a down side to this placement, could there?

Um, well… maybe a sing-along will clear that up.

(To the tune of “Theme From Bonanza”)

YouTube Preview Image

In bounced a girl with her hair in a curl – she Saggie!
If she goes home with anyone here
I think it’s gonna be me!

Three drinks in and she’s loaded for sin – that’s Saggie!
A suggestive wink and one more drink
And to my place we go!

Hey she’s gone, left by dawn
After she rocked my world!
I thought we’d wed, where was my head? She’s Saggie!
I should have known my chances were blown
When I told her what to do…

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