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For most astrologers, the bulk of our business comes not from writing, but from doing readings for people. I’ve always had a bit of a problem with that term — “consultations” would be a little more accurate.

“…Choosing Matthew was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as it pertains to authentic Practical Astrology. Matthew’s expertise is in the 1 percentile because Matthew combines his extensive knowledge of Astrology with his acute and astute intuition; it is razor sharp. Moreover, he is able to employ the practical and useful aspects of the science to ones daily life...

Anyone who has the opportunity to have services rendered to by Mr. Matthew Currie will be well-serviced beyond any expectations. Thank you Matthew for the practical and outstanding information you have sooo generously imparted me. God Bless.”

-AP, Atlanta GA

In some ways, getting a reading is a bit like talking to a counselor — yet not. It involves going into detail about your concerns and opportunities (as talking to a counselor does), but in my experience it’s a lot more effective than sitting around a counselor’s office talking for three months with the occasional “tell me more about that” from the person who’s there to help you.

“My reading with you was a real eye-opener. Thank you for the accurate results and the practical guidance.”
-KS, Alberta

Furthermore, a regular counselor doesn’t have access to your transits as an astrologer does. Your transits are what determine the things that are happening to you now, how long the current situation will last, when things will improve, and when opportunities to make things better will arise.

“(Matthew) helped me get past a sticking point in a career situation that was THE piece of the puzzle I was trying to find – not just for this week’s crisis, but perhaps for my entire adult working life. He provided other insights that really made sense, too, as far as my personal life. I would recommend him without hesitation for both the client well versed in astrology lingo and the seeker who isn’t that familiar.”
-RS, New Mexico

We can cover nearly anything, as you know if you’re read my “Ask An Astrologer” series here. Your love life (or lack thereof), your work and career (or lack thereof), children and family relations… pretty much anything you’d like to know about.

“If you’re into astrology and you would like an information packed, interesting, intuitive reading, check out Matthew Currie.”
-FL, Georgia

So: any of that got your attention? Want to see what a reading can do for you? Write me for details!

“I had a reading with Matthew when I was going through my divorce.  He was so accurate in his ability to relate a timeline of outcomes and resolutions it was uncanny!  I found him to be thorough, courteous and professional but quite down to earth and easy to talk with.  I now consult with him when I am facing any major event in my life.  He is the most intuitive and compassionate person I have ever met.  I am so glad I made that first appointment for a consultation!”

-RS, North Carolina

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