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DN writes:

“The man I married doesn’t care for me nor the kids. He drinks and smokes and loves to be with his friends, but only ends up fighting with me.”

Is it worth being in this relationship ?
Is there another love in my life ?
Is the new job going to be good for me ?

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Let me answer the easy question first — the last one.

Your general career path is determined primarily by the Midheaven. Yours is at 7 degrees Capricorn, and thus is ruled by your Saturn at 23 degrees Aries. That’s where Uranus is now, conjunct your Saturn. Uranus has been in range of that point for a couple of years now, and will be for a couple of years yet. That’s going to bring some unusual circumstances to your career path, so it’s no surprise that you’ve changed jobs. Meanwhile: transiting Jupiter is square your Midheaven now. Squares are often difficult, but Jupiter is a little easier to deal with than most planets are, most of the time. That transit has a couple of months more to go.

So, overall? Yes, things may be more hectic than you’re used to in the next couple of months, but I believe the new job will ultimately be good for you.


Your second question… “Is there another love in my life ?” is almost certainly answered something like this: “Almost certainly… you have a nice Seventh House overall. But are you waiting for that guy to show up before you address the situation with your husband?


Finally, your first question: “Is it worth being in this relationship?”

That’s pretty much impossible to answer properly within the context of a blog entry. Among other things, it would involve looking at your husband’s chart, his transits, and discussing the details personally. This is why, for the big stuff, I recommend people contact me for a full reading. Even then, I avoid telling people what I think they should do — I’m not a guru. I’m here to offer advice and guidance, not to dictate. May I gently advise you to avoid the advice of any astrologer who uses their position to flat-out tell you what you must do.

Having said that… pretend a friend of yours approached you with “the man I married doesn’t care for me nor the kids. He drinks and smokes and loves to be with his friends, but only ends up fighting with me.”

What would you tell her? And why aren’t you telling yourself the same?

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