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As is often the case with any major celebrity breakup, there are rumors of cheating and substance abuse in the marriage of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. What does the astrology say? Let’s have a look… but first, this:


A funny thing happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma around 7:30 PM last Friday… the day of the Lunar Eclipse in Pisces. There was this guy — his name was Terence, and he was born August 16th, 1976 — whose SUV had broken down by the side of the road. He was a fairly unremarkable guy with four kids. Who could have predicted anything would go wrong?

He was outside his vehicle when the cops showed up. I have no idea why the cops showed up… maybe Tulsa is slow on a Friday evening, but both the cops and a police helicopter were soon on the scene. For whatever reason, the police were suspicious that Terence was under the influence of drugs, so they pulled their weapons on him. Terence remained calm, put his hands up, and did everything he was told to do — because that’s what they always say, isn’t it? Don’t mess with the cops and they won’t mess with you? Co-operate and you won’t get hurt, right? Who could have predicted anything would go wrong?

(Are you starting to worry that there won’t be any more light and fluffy Celebrity Astrology today? I said there would be, and I’m not here to lie to you. Keep reading.)

Astrologically, the interesting thing is that this was shortly after the Lunar Eclipse. In fact at the very time this was happening, that Eclipse Point in Pisces had just risen over Tulsa, and it was closely conjunct Terence’s natal Mars. Old astrology references… the ones with all the harsh judgements and doomsday-like pronouncements… would tell you that this is potentially a time for sudden violence or physical danger. Of course, we try not to think that way these days, what with being so civilized and enlightened. Who could have predicted anything would go wrong?

Anyway, for whatever reason, the cops got spooked. One of them thought Terence deserved a shot with a stun gun. Three other cops chose bullets. All this, while Terence Crutcher did exactly what he was supposed to do and made no threatening moves. If you don’t believe me, there’s video from at least two different angles of the whole thing, if you have the stomach to watch a man being gunned down for no damned good reason whatsoever. Who could have predicted anything would go wrong?

Here’s his chart and the transits at the time. Go ahead, you be the astrologer. All the transits are there to tell us something could have gone horribly wrong. But, killed by police while being perfectly co-operative? Who could have predicted anything would go wrong?

beliefnet astrology matthew currie terence crutcher

Terence Crutcher was a black man. He was having difficult transits, sure… but he made the mistake of showing up that day in the melanin-enhanced wrapper he was born with. So: who could have predicted anything would go wrong? Me. Or anyone who has spent a lot of time looking at how America works. You don’t need to be an astrologer for that, do you? Since then, police in Charlotte North Carolina have killed another unarmed black guy, who was apparently in the middle of committing the acts of being disabled and reading a book.

Astrology: it’s all about recognizing the patterns, people.


Oh right. Brad and Angelina. Did I interrupt your happy, casual day with something uncomfortable? Sorry. I wonder what that must feel like.

Was there cheating or drug use involved in their breakup? Well, Brad had transiting Pluto conjunct his 7th House ruler and has a strongly aspected Neptune, and Angelina had transiting Uranus square her natal Venus and transiting Saturn conjunct her Neptune so… um, maybe?


Whether you’re an astrologer or not, don’t focus on the familiar patterns that give you comfort while neglecting ugly truths. Try to see the other patterns that you don’t want to look at that could be ruining your world. Yes, celebrity gossip fans, All Lives Do Matter… not that you’re so stupid that anyone actually has to say that to you. But if you can’t (or by this point, won’t) see that some lives are treated as a lot more disposable than others, you haven’t been paying attention. Or maybe you’ve just been too busy numbing yourself with celebrity news and amusing memes and “reality shows” and feckless political arguments.

If that’s the case, then good… there’s hope for you yet. If not? Please, kindly, dear friend… take your deliberate ignorance and/or unwillingness to do or say something about this straight to Hell, where it belongs. Thank you in advance.

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