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As any astrologer can tell you, Neptune is the planet most associated with delusion and self-deception. Furthermore, a planet is particularly strong when it is in the Sign that it rules. So it’s perhaps no surprise that Neptune in Pisces has brought us a new and modern twist on delusion: clickbait.

If you are unfamiliar with the clickbait concept, you have almost certainly encountered it on the Internet. Here is an example…


Even if you aren’t into politics, if you’re on Facebook you undoubtedly have a few friends who are very loud about the subject. Some people will seemingly repost any nonsense that agrees with their political beliefs, regardless of whether or not what is being posted has any basis in fact whatsoever.

There are many web sites out there dedicated to making a buck off of your clicks by cranking out a large volume of poorly thought-out or completely un-researched articles designed to make you feel like yes, Politician X really is a terrible person, and here’s more proof!

Here’s how this sort of thing works:

  • Find a YouTube video that someone made in their basement ranting about how politician ex is a terrible person. Bonus points if that video uses “Sandstorm” by Darude or “Clubbed To Death” from The Matrix soundtrack.
  • Come up with a catchy, shout-y title that demands you click on it immediately. Example: POLITICIAN X’S HIDDEN AGENDA DESTROYED BY ONE SIMPLE FACT!
  • Crank out a couple of hundred words more or less supporting the point being made by the YouTube video. It doesn’t matter really: by the time you’re actually reading the article the website has already registered that precious click, thus making it more valuable to its advertisers.
  • Don’t bother with facts, quotes, or citing your sources. People are here to click on the ads, not to think.

See how easy it is to make money from home with Neptune? And now do you see why that crap you keep reposting make you look stupid to everyone except the people who already agree with you on the subject, and who are likely to like and repost that seemed meaningless nonsense you just posted, thus increasing the net worth of some guy sitting in a server room in Slovakia?

Now, here’s a video some guy made in his basement that reveals the shocking TRUTH about Saturn!

YouTube Preview Image

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