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(EDITOR’S NOTE: Matthew Currie is unavailable today due to transiting Whatever square his Blahblahblah — hey, he’s an astrologer, we aren’t. In the meantime we would like to present some Sponsored Content. You know, that thing where you’re reading an article on some news site and then you realize it was just a big ad disguised as the usual sort of thing you’d read there? Yeah, that. Pray for Matthew’s speedy recovery from the astrological whatsits that has him down.)

beliefnet astrology matthew currie saturn transits

11:47 PM

From: Matthew Currie
To: Beliefnet Editorial Staff

Folks, I’m recovering from my transit and should be back to regular blogging shortly. In the meantime, does the sponsored content have to be so negative? A proper astrologer doesn’t go around scaring people in order to drum up business. It makes the rest of us look bad.

1:04 PM

From: Beliefnet Editorial Staff
To: Matthew Currie

We’ve reviewed the content, and you’re right… that sort of negativity has no place here. We’ve informed the advertiser, and they have updated their ads with our concerns in mind. Hope you recover from that transit soon!

beliefnet astrology matthew currie unicorn

4:06 PM

From: Matthew Currie
To: Beliefnet Editorial Staff

Gah! All right, already! Jeez, I’ll write more often, just stop it!!!

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