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Okay, straight up people: if you want to blame last night’s mass shooting on religion or intolerance or guns or terrorism or the decline of Western Civilization or whatever, there are two important points you should consider.

1) You may have a point

2) This is not the place to discuss it.

We’re here to talk about astrology, specifically the transits which were happening when Omar Mir Seddique Mateen walked into Pulse Nightclub in Orlando at 2:02 AM on Sunday and took it upon himself to slaughter 50 people and injure another 53.

Omar Mateen shooting astrology

Omar Mateen was born on November 16th, 1986 in New York City… time of birth unknown. Was he prone to violence? He was born on the day of a Full Moon, with the Moon opposite the Sun at 24 degrees Scorpio. Both placements… the most important points in a birth chart… were squared by natal Mars at almost 24 degrees Aquarius. Furthermore, that Mars was amplified by a sextile to Uranus at 20 degrees Sagittarius. None of these things guarantee a violent nature, but they are strong indicators. At the very least, we do know that he was a security guard who held a gun permit, which is one manifestation of that awkward Mars energy.

The potential for violence is one thing, but it’s the transits that set something things off. Not surprisingly, there was plenty agitating Omar Mateen’s problematic Mars. Transiting Mars retrograde at 25 Scorpio was closely conjunct Omar’s Sun and square his Mars. Transiting Jupiter is square Saturn, adding energy and enthusiasm to the slaughter. Transiting Sun and Venus were opposite his Uranus and trine his Mars, and he was having his Jupiter Opposition (“adding enthusiasm to his expression of his Mars,” I say to myself with disdain). Transiting Pluto was square his Nodes, lending a hint of “deadly destiny” to the mass shooting.

And oh yeah… Omar Mateen was having his Saturn Return.


Two days ago singer Christina Grimmie was shot in the head and killed by Kevin James Loibl, born March 10 1989, time unknown, somewhere in Florida (probably Saint Petersburg). His Mars in Taurus was unaspected other than a close conjunction to Jupiter — which makes everything it aspects bigger and louder. Transiting Mars was opposite that point at the time of the shooting, and —

Kevin James Loibl Christina Grimmie astrology

Well, here’s his chart and his transits. Do you want to hear more about this? I’ll gladly write about it if you think I should. So go ahead and leave a comment if you do or don’t want to hear more. As for right now? I’m a little too sick of that small percentage of the raging, violent primates I share a species with. I need to rest, and to remind myself that the vast majority of humans are not irredeemably terrible… and maybe by this point you should do that too.

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