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The Sign: Cancer, the Crab

The Villain: The Xenomorph Queen, Aliens

Known For: Has excellent survival instincts. Being a stable and caring nurturer for her loved ones. Clever, creative, and intelligent. Dedicated to protecting those in her care. Other than that, you are all either a threat or a source of food for either her or the kids.

Favorite Things: Surrounding herself with those she cares about, controlling her environment for both her benefit and theirs, and mercilessly spewing deadly acid when injured.

Quote: Hissssssssssssss! (Yeah, she’s not here to discuss her insecurities with you… she’s here to kill you because of them)

Compatible With: Scorpio and Pisces in theory — but in practice it’s only a matter of time until they become a threat too.

Redeemable?: Absolutely, once you get past her inborn issue with anything different, threatening, or that potentially challenges her worldview. So, um, no I guess.

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