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beliefnet matthew currie natasha richardson accident astrology(LAST TIME: I discussed the controversial and potentially dangerous subject of using astrology to predict death. If you have a problem with the subject, go back there and leave your comments. However, if you’re brave enough to want to see how the astrological sausage is made, read on. And if not… drop by next time when the subject matter is likely to be a lot lighter in both tone and technique. )

Could a competent, experienced astrologer have predicted the sudden accidental death of actress Natasha Richardson?

The short answer: Quite possibly, yes.

Of course, there is another (at least as important) question this raises: could an astrologer have actually saved Natasha Richardson’s life?

The other short answer: Maybe not.

Natasha Richardson, wife of Liam Neeson and daughter of Vanessa Redgrave, was born May 11, 1963 at 5 PM in London, England. She died after a skiing accident at Mt. Tremblant, Quebec on March 16th 2009.

At the time of the accident, transiting Mars at 2 degrees Pisces was opposite her natal Uranus, secondary progressed Uranus, and secondary progressed Midheaven, all clustered at 1-2 degrees Virgo. Any transit from Mars to natal Uranus (but especially the difficult squares and oppositions) are naturally a time when accidents are much more likely to happen. Furthermore, Mars was passing through her Fifth House… recreational activities.

(WARNING: The next paragraph contains language some people will find confusing. Specifically, the language of Vedic Astrology.)

Certain features in the Vedic chart also stand out as a warning. At the time of the accident she was in a period known as “Rahu-Mars”… her major Rahu (North Node) period, Mars sub-period. This is a time that is relatively hard to predict for, and where even ordinary things can go wrong. But among other things, it is a time to beware Mars issues… which includes sporting accidents. Further: Venus is one of the two maraka (“death-dealer”) planets in her birth chart, and her natal Venus is closely square the Nodal axis. So given the rulerships in her chart, a really good astrologer who was taking a good detailed look at her transits could have warned her specifically about the risk of a potentially fatal injury occurring during a recreational activity, and (with just what I’ve laid out here) he or she could have spotted the Danger Time within a few days.

So if Natasha Richardson had sat down with an astrologer before the accident, the astrologer could have very easily said something about “be really careful with that skiing lesson you have scheduled for next week.” The astrologer might have even been concerned enough to tell her to take a pass on any new athletic activities.

But of course, no one runs every last detail of their by what their astrologer says… or hardly any do, anyway. And they shouldn’t. Even the best astrologer can make mistakes.

So: suppose Natasha had spoken with an astrologer a week before the accident. The astrologer finds all the warning signs I’ve delineated above, and explains them to Natasha in detail.

Most people are going to do what they are going to do anyway, despite what any astrologer tells them. Ask any astrologer yourself how many of his/her clients come to get readings about bad relationships and whether or not they should leave… and when the client leaves the astrologer, he or she goes right back to the bad relationship.

In all likelihood, Natasha would have listened to the warning and still gone skiing, except maybe she would have been extra cautious to stick to the beginner’s hill and gone out with a qualified instructor. Which is, it turns out, exactly what she did anyway.

Full details were never released, but if they had been I believe we would find that Natasha Richardson had an underlying, pre-existing circulatory issue: perhaps a weakened blood vessel in her brain that had been there for years like a time bomb, just waiting for the right nudge at the right time to go off. Just like everything else in a birth chart, come to think of it…

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