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Your introduction to Saturn in Sagittarius (and details for the other eleven Signs) is HERE. I’ll update it every three months or so, so keep coming back!

What’s in it for me?

“Saturn in Sagittarius” means that Saturn is now in your Twelfth House and will remain there until December 2017, and regardless of the transits it makes to individual points in your chart along the way, it will also have a general effect on the Twelfth House matters in your life, such as your unconscious mind, inherent limitations, your hidden enemies (real or imagined), and the things in general that hold you back you aren’t particularly aware of.

What kind of effect does Saturn usually have?

Saturn brings structure and order and discipline to your life, which are all good and necessary things. Unfortunately it has a bad reputation, because frankly most people love the idea of “structure and order” until it is imposed on them… like a home with a leaky roof that you keep patching and ignoring over and over again until the thing finally caves in on you one day. Listen to what The Universe is telling you needs repair or restoration or throwing out in your life, take action, and ultimately your life will be much better, and you will have avoided the roof falling on your head and smashing your collection of vintage Batman collectables.

But yeah: no one ever really calls Saturn “fun,” unless they are either being sarcastic or are hoping your roof collapses on you.

That sounds awful!

Sure… if you’re a robot. But let’s not forget that being a human is a highly subjective experience, and most of your reality exists first and foremost between your eyes before it happens in front of your face. Sure this can be a tough transit: having someone (Saturn) step on nerves you didn’t know you even had is both painful and surprising. But hey: without it, how would you know that some of the things you fear aren’t real, and that some of the things you never noticed ARE real? Besides: you’re a Capricorn. If there’s one thing you’ve proved, it’s that you can roll with the punches.

So Saturn in Sagittarius might actually be good news for me?

Yes, if you respond to the challenges you’ll face in the departments of your life listed above with hard work, discipline, and a little faith in yourself and in The Universe in general.

Something to contemplate…

YouTube Preview Image

“Only Noah saw it coming
Forty days and forty nights
Took his sons and daughters with him
Yeah they were the Israelites

All you zombies hide your faces
All you people in the street
All you sittin’ in high places
The rain’s gonna fall on you

Holy Father, what’s the matter
Where have all your children gone
Sitting in the dark, living all by themselves
You don’t have to hide anymore”

What are you hiding from, and what can you do about it? What has been hidden from you, and what can you do about it? Quick: answer those questions with the first thing that comes to mind… then really, really question those answers. Then question the new answers you come up with. Rinse and repeat until December 2017.

Anything else?

Two things: first of all, don’t panic over this Saturn transit. It’s going to cover a two year period, and even if it makes trouble for you at times it’s not like every day of that period is going to stink. Secondly: no matter what House Saturn is passing through on your birth chart, you should always remember that the transits of all the planets, specific to your birth chart, is what will tell the whole story. That’s when it comes in handy knowing an astrologer who offers discounts to first-time clients. Just sayin’.

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