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For many of us this is the end of a long and stressful week. No harm in blowing off a little steam on a Saturday, right? After last week’s sometimes funky aspects the outlook is good for having a good time today. Moon in Virgo isn’t usually known as a party animal, but when it is opposite Neptune (which is exact at 9:29 PM Eastern/6:29 PM Pacific, but remains in effect through the evening) anything can happen… especially when you consider that the Moon is still within conjunction range of Jupiter.

So: run wild a little this evening, whether that means buying a round for everyone at the bar or watching a movie online with some naughty bits in it. Either way, give yourself a break. but one thing to keep in mind? These aspects can also bring less constructive emotional outlets, so let me leave you with this warning via the wisdom of Sir Elton John… Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting.

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