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I speak to a lot of clients who are in the middle of a crisis, and that is to be expected. I’m at least as much a counselor as a “fortune teller” (ugh, how I hate that term!), and just as a doctor tends to see more people who are ill than healthy specimens, it’s understandable that I deal a lot with people who feel they have their backs against the wall, one way or another.

I initially trained to be a counselor. If you’ve even gone down that particular road with your problems, you know that it can help… but it can also take a long time with absolutely no guarantees. I became an astrologer in part because — although there are no absolute guarantees in life that I can give you any more than anyone else can — astrology can really cut through the nonsense.

Yeah, skeptics, I said it: astrology can really cut through the nonsense.

Astrology gives us a language by which we can understand ourselves and others, and can see the forces that have shaped us and the forces yet to come. There is always a comfort in knowing what kinds of things to expect, even if sometimes that means “more of the same” or possibly “it’s going to get worse.” Knowledge is power, after all, and what power on Earth is greater than (literally or figuratively) a weather forecast.

But: is there Hope in Astrology? Or is Astrology essentially… hopeless?

First of all: we are all subject to the forces around us. You can’t talk your way out of an earthquake. But we all have some degree of agency: the ability to choose how we deal with things. There’s some hope in knowing that, isn’t there?

It would be unethical of me, or of any professional adviser, to offer false hope. But the truth is: if a doctor tells you “that tumor is probably benign” or a lawyer tells you “I don’t think this guy suing you has a case,” they aren’t actually “giving you hope.” They are simply telling you the truth, and you can choose to be hopeful or not.

So: is there hope in getting a reading from an astrologer who knows what he or she is doing? Sure, just as much as getting a consultation from any expert. Ideally, what you will find is a useful truth upon which you can place your hope with some degree of confidence.

If you are on a cruise chip that is sinking, you can always hope for rescue… which is more than likely to come eventually. But I would politely suggest that clinging to the grand piano in the ballroom… even if you are hopeful that will help… isn’t likely to help you stay afloat.

When I do a reading for someone, I can see where and how life’s patterns emerge, when you would have started seeing their effects, and when those patterns will end and when new ones will begin. That alone can be of tremendous benefit in any situation you may be facing.

And, worst case scenario? I’m also pretty good at spotting where the lifeboats are, and how you can get to them.

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