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It was recently pointed out to me that I am a part of something called “The New Age community.” This knowledge took me some time to process. it’s like being told that your neighborhood is technically Chinatown or Little Italy when you didn’t realize that.

If you are a part of a “community” like Chinatown or Little Italy, you will realize that geographic location is about all you have in common with everyone there… not even ethnicity necessarily. Tony is a great guy, but Giuseppe is a jerk… and stay the heck away from Paulie when he’s drinking. We are all individuals even though we are part of the same larger concept. It’s kind of like that.

Sometimes people will come to me with questions about UFOs or chakras or past life regression that I have zero expertise in, and I will gladly admit to that. However, it has come to my attention over the years that there are some practitioners of New Age Arts other than astrology who will pick up a copy or two of Dell Horoscope or breeze through a Sun Sign compatibility guide and then start billing themselves as a clairvoyant and an astrologer, or a tarot reader and an astrologer, or whatever.

To me this is not simply like a used car lot that also offers “free balloons for the kids.” It’s more like a used car lot that also offers Pap tests. There’s no reason why a person can’t be both a good tarot reader and be a decent astrologer, but too often practitioners of one predictive art will tack astrology on to the end of their job description based on very little experience.

I am reminded once of a trailer I saw at a County Fair that had a sign out front that announced psychic readings within, with individual charges for astrology and tarot and palm reading and clairvoyance all from the same practitioner. I was tempted at the time to go in and only offer up one palm to read and say something like “I can only afford a very limited future.”

Yes, some people know what they are doing with both tarot and astrology, or astrology and clairvoyance, or whatever… just as there are some people who are both doctors and engineers. But, you know… there are some people who make a living just by shoveling the same basic hoo-ha under more than one metaphysical banner.

So in light of this, I am now proud to announce that I will soon be offering classes on the brand new (yet really, really ancient) spiritual art of Discount Ascension ©, which I learned about from the Ascended Master whom I channel: The Right Reverend Rama Lama Ding Donghotep, who last walked our world in a fleshly form under the pseudonym of Jack Klugman.

NEXT TIME: you’ll have the rare and precious opportunity to enjoy the enlightening and liberated gift of Discount Ascension ©, which is far and away the most exciting and effective form of pre-Atlantean spiritual wisdom to have emerged in the last week, for ABSOLUTELY FREE (plus $8.95 shipping and handling)!  I hope you will all learn and grow from it, and will all enjoy sending me regular tithes as much as I will enjoy receiving them.

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