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Venus is still working away and during her job even when she’s retrograde. She just tends to be focused on her business more than yours. But go ahead, call her for advice anyway… good luck getting an answer though…

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August 3-5, 2015: Venus conjunct Jupiter, square Saturn

“Hi, I can’t come to the phone right now because I’m really busy trying to get ready for a party and I keep breaking my nails. Also: is that you calling me again Mickey? Cut it out. I told you we were done! We had out fun while it lasted but it was never going to work out. But I admit I’ve been thinking about you lately. Anyway, leave a message after the tone.”

August 14th: Venus conjunct New Moon in Leo

“Sorry I can’t come to the phone right now, getting ready for another big party. But if that’s you Mickey: I’m feeling strangely optimistic about us despite the terrible break up we had. Or maybe it’s just because I’ve been drinking. I really wouldn’t mind seeing you in the next while… you know, so we can discuss it and stuff. Well, whoever’s calling, leave a message after the tone.”

August 19th: Venus trine Uranus

“Sorry I’m too busy to answer the phone now, please leave your message after the beep. And if that’s you Mickey… I have little surprise waiting for you from Victoria’s Secret. And I picked up some of that… you know, that stuff… you really like. Just in case, you know, you have any ideas you want to run past me. So give me a call and let me know when we can hook up. Oh, and if that’s not you Mickey, umm… leave a message I guess.”

August 31st Venus conjunct Mars

“Can’t come to the phone right now, so leave a message. I know that you keep calling me Mickey — why do you keep blocking your number? Why won’t you leave a message? — and I hope I didn’t scare you off with that message last time. The mood was pretty intense here. Just call me okay? I think we can work this out. Just call and leave your number or something! I have needs dammit!

September 6th: Venus goes direct

“I’m sorry I can’t come to the phone right now, I’m too busy getting ready to go out and party for the next month straight. I don’t know what I was thinking recently. It must have been all the drinking. Anyway even if you’re not still married Mickey… Do not call me any more. What was I thinking with you anyway?

That was you calling, wasn’t it…?”

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