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Last time, I discussed how the current transit of Mars through Cancer will have a tendency to make people moody, irritable, and blame the wrong person or situations for their problems. Having studied the nature of Mars in Cancer further in order to get into character to write this blog entry… I have decided not to write about those transits at all. And it’s all your fault.

Sure, I had originally planned to write the usual thing you’d expect to see hear about how you can learn to work with these energies and how you can keep your cool during the difficult days and yadda yadda yadda. I would have probably mentioned that I was listing the exact dates but that you should add a couple of days on either side of those dates will the transit is still in effect. But I’m not going to do that. You’re on your own people.

I don’t particularly care any more that Mars trine Neptune on July 8 will tend to make people kind of weepy but mystically inclined. I’m too busy being angry with God about how he could make me so fat.

But surely, you may wonder, isn’t Mars opposite Pluto on the 15th worthy of mention? To which I can only say: what is that supposed to mean? Are you looking for a fight? What do you mean I’m irritable? Shut up!

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Shut up shut up shut up SHUT UP!

I couldn’t care less about how Mars square Uranus on July 25th will make for explosive situations and sudden flare ups of temper. And if you keep asking me about it I’m going to delete this entire blog. That would teach you all a lesson.

Oh, you say, what about Mars trine Chiron on the 26th? Won’t that be a chance to make a lot of breakthroughs when it comes to our deep psychological wounds and scars? Yeah, whatever. I’ve got my own problems to worry about.

Will Mars trine Saturn on August 6th be a constructive time to put your emotions to good use? Sure it will. I’m going to use it to build a big concrete bunker to live in so I don’t have to deal with people any more.

And finally, when Mars enters Leo on August 8th, will that tend to make for a change in people’s moods and how they express their drives ambitions and aggression? Sure. Probably. I don’t care. I’ll be in my bunker. Leave me alone.

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