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Finally... clear-cut directions from an astrologer!

Finally… clear-cut directions from an astrologer!

Knowing when the Moon Void of Course is happening is probably the handiest of all the common astrological techniques. Learn it, make it work for you, and save yourself tons of unnecessary aggravation!

(CLICK HERE for more on what The Void of Course Moon actually is, and what you can do about it — or rather, what you should avoid doing during that time. Looking for tips on handling those times when they happen? Click HERE.)

Thanks to the planets all being in the first 2/3rds of their respective Signs during the first week of June there will be an unusual cluster of particularly long and annoying Voids from the 1st to the 7th. Please address all your complaints to The Manufacturer.

Here’s your Moon Astrology forecast — along with some noteworthy astrological events for the month –for June 2015, set for Eastern Standard Time. The particularly long and painful Voids are marked with **

June  1, 2015    7:01 AM               Moon Trine Venus V/C
June  1, 2015    2:39 PM                Moon enters Sagittarius

(June 2: Full Moon in Sagittarius, square Neptune. Demanding and impulsive, meet reckless and confused! Woo hoo!)
June  3, 2015    1:59 AM               Moon Trine Uranus V/C **
June  3, 2015    8:50 PM                Moon enters Capricorn
June  5, 2015    6:54 AM               Moon square Uranus V/C **

(Venus enters Leo. How’s my hair?)

June  6, 2015    1:02 AM                Moon enters Aquarius
June  7, 2015   10:30 AM               Moon sextile Uranus V/C **
June  8, 2015    4:16 AM                Moon enters Pisces
June  9, 2015    2:08 PM               Moon square Mars V/C
June 10, 2015    7:14 AM                Moon enters Aries
June 11, 2015    7:43 PM               Moon sextile Mars V/C

(Mercury retrograde ends. When things go wrong now, you’ll have to blame yourself instead.)

June 12, 2015   10:16 AM                Moon enters Taurus

(Neptune goes retrograde. Go home Neptune, you’re drunk… er than usual.)
June 13, 2015    6:06 PM               Moon square Jupiter V/C **
June 14, 2015    1:51 PM                Moon enters Gemini
June 16, 2015   10:05 AM               Sun conjunct Moon V/C

(New Moon in Gemini, conjunct Mars. Don’t just set your affirmations for the month ahead… set them with gusto!)
June 16, 2015    6:51 PM                Moon enters Cancer
June 19, 2015    1:52 AM               Moon Trine Saturn V/C
June 19, 2015    2:22 AM                Moon enters Leo
June 21, 2015   12:09 PM               Moon square Saturn V/C
June 21, 2015   12:59 PM                Moon enters Virgo
June 24, 2015    1:12 AM               Moon square Mars V/C

(Mars enters Cancer… and feels just as bad about it as you do.)
June 24, 2015    1:41 AM                Moon enters Libra
June 25, 2015    7:22 PM               Moon sextile Jupiter V/C **
June 26, 2015    1:57 PM                Moon enters Scorpio
June 28, 2015    9:50 PM               Moon conjunct Sat V/C
June 28, 2015   11:21 PM                Moon enters Sagittarius
June 30, 2015    2:18 PM               Moon Trine Jupiter V/C
July  1, 2015    5:11 AM                Moon enters Capricorn

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