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beliefnet astrology matthew currie james caan astrologyMuch of what I deal with as an astrologer has to do with relationships, and you probably won’t be surprised that the term “soul mate” turns up a lot in my various consultations. I was speaking with a client the other day about the nature of what a soul mate is. In her opinion, a soul mate is someone who is drawn into your life to make your life and theirs better, often through struggle of some sort.

I myself am hesitant to connect a hard and fast definition to the term “soul mate” or “twin flame,” but I tend to think that what my client offered was a pretty decent definition.

The part of the birth chart most associated with partnerships and marriages and “soul mates” is the Seventh House. Many older astrological sources also refer to it as “the House of Open Enemies.”

Stop and mull that over for a second or two.

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Soul Mates!

Different people place different amounts of emphasis on the partnerships in their lives. If you don’t have any planets in your Seventh House, that certainly doesn’t mean there will be no partnerships for you, but having a planet in the Seventh House, especially one closely conjunct the Descendant, can tell us a lot about the nature of your relationships.

This brings us to the strange case of James Caan, who is now in the middle of divorcing his fourth wife for the third time. Or is that his third wife for the fourth time? (Pausing for a moment’s to count on my fingers, then draw a diagram) right. He’s divorcing his fourth wife, Linda Stoke, for the third time. Say what you will about the man, apparently he’s no quitter… sort of.

James has Mars in Taurus, and it’s right smack on his Descendant. Whatever House in your birth chart Mars lands in, you can expect it to be an area of contention for you, or part of your life that is a constant struggle, or that you are constantly striving for. This placement indicates the committed relationships are a struggle for James. That can manifest in a lot of different ways: sometimes it can mean abusiveness or being subject to abuse. Sometimes it can be an overbearing partner, or a tendency to be in relationships that require an awful lot of work. Complicating things further is that Taurus is considered to be a difficult placement for Mars.

I haven’t found any reference to James being an abusive partner, so I’m going to assume that this Mars placement has manifested itself in one of the ways that it can: he has taken on a challenging relationship, but he finds that challenge compelling. Or, at least he finds it compelling until a transit leads to a break up. Saturn has passed opposite his Mars recently, and that appears to have triggered the latest break up. The last time these two had the divorce paperwork flying was November 2009, when transiting Neptune was square James Caan’s Mars/Descendant.

So, keep on striving Jimmy. You might just find a successful relationship yet, even at your age. Try to find someone who knows your ways and understand your quirks. Hey, I’ve got a great idea! I hear Linda Stoke is available now…

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