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beliefnet mattew currie saturn conjunct neptuneEven though in many ways my life is going pretty well, I feel a vice-like grip crushing my soul. Astrologers aren’t any more objective about themselves than anyone else is about themselves, when you get right down to it. If a client of mine with my birth chart came to me and asked about this, the cause would be immediate and obvious: transiting Saturn is conjunct my natal Neptune. If you were born anywhere in the 60s, you either had this feeling in one form or another recently or will soon. Don’t worry: if you were born in the 70s or 80s, your time is coming.

Between now and December, Saturn will be passing through the rest of Scorpio. It pauses and goes retrograde in March just short of 5° Sagittarius and re-enters Scorpio in June, finally emerging again in September 2015. Saturn then goes on to 16° Sagittarius in March 2016. There is good that can come from this transit, but it’s rarely fun or easy, even if there are good things happening in your life overall.

This means that in the next year and a half, Saturn will run over the Neptune of everyone born between late 1965 and late 1978.


Here is when you can expect the Saturn-Neptune sucking to reach its peak in your life:

Born 1964-1966: now until mid-November.

Born 1969-1973: Double whammy! Saturn will be all over your Neptune between November this year and November 2015. That’s how retrogrades work. Thanks, retrogrades!

Born 1974-1979: You will be feeling the Saturn pinch from about November 2015 through to the middle of 2016.

Of course, you’ll be having plenty of other transits during that time, and many of them will undoubtedly be very good and constructive. But Saturn coming within 5° or less of your natal Neptune can be a really painful time. Yes, it can give you the discipline to make your dreams more of a reality. Yes, it can teach you that important lesson to “let go and let God.” But it generally isn’t a very happy transit. It can rob you of a lot of your illusions, and let’s be honest here: sometimes it’s the illusions that make life a lot more bearable. It can also be a time when a chronic health problems especially immune issues become more serious.

However, the Saturn Steamroller is not without its benefits. You can’t live in an illusion forever, and if you want your reality to even come close to matching your dreams, you’re going to need a bracing jab of cold Saturn’s steel to make it happen.

A lot of this depends on the other placements in your chart. In my case: I have a particularly strongly-aspected Neptune, which means that even though I am experiencing this, some other departments of my life are going pretty well. But still: it sucks. Did I mention that already?

One of the great joys of astrology is being able to look ahead an know that it won’t last forever — and that by such-and-such a date the pain will stop, and then afterwards something good will come of life. In times like this, it’s a comfort to be able to look ahead and see something other than more darkness.

In the meantime, though…

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