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beliefnet mattew currie mars in sagittariusAfter an epic-length stay in Libra fretting over relationships, and then a relatively quick and somewhat cranky run through Scorpio, Mars enters Sagittarius on Saturday, where it will remain until October 26th. Of course Mars can make trouble for you no matter where it goes, but I can’t help but think this will be a relatively easy run for the God of War. Libra was a frankly terrible place for it, and Mars was strongly placed in Scorpio… but is a strong Mars always a good thing?

Regardless of the Sign placement though, ultimately one has to look at the aspects Mars is making to the other planets and what it’s doing to you in your own birth chart. Your mileage may vary, but overall Mars will be making some decent aspects to other planets while it passes through Sagittarius. Get to know the details of your own birth chart and play along, and see how you can take advantage of the conditions.

Below is a listing of major aspects Mars will be making in the near future. Please note that although I am listing the exact date, the aspect will be in effect for three or four days both before and after that.



September 13: Mars enters Sagittarius. Those with their Sun or Moon or Ascendant in a Fire Sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) will probably be feeling pretty spirited in the next little while. Virgo and Pisces will likely get a bit edgy. Air Signs should be able to work well with it, and Earth Signs may not quite know how to handle it.

September 21: Mars square Neptune at 5 degrees Sag/Pisces. This is a problematic aspect between two very dissimilar planets. On the one hand, everyone may find that their drives are blunted or confused or deluded. On the other hand, there is a distinct charm in the air. The fact that this happens on the weekend, at the same time that Venus is sextile Saturn and people are seeking order in the love lives could lead to some interesting results. It could make for some interesting new partnerships as well, and for a bit of “looking for love in all the wrong places.”

October 4/5: Mars trine Uranus at 14 degrees Sag/Aries. There is a sudden outburst of creative genius and spontaneity and wildness. Since this happens on the weekend, it might be a good time to shake things up in your love life. If your (or someone else’s) romantic cage need some rattling, now is the time to do it.

October 8: Mars trine Jupiter at 17 degrees Sag/Leo makes for a huge amount of energy. This is also the day of the Lunar Eclipse, and also the day of Venus square Pluto… so check in with me closer to that date and I’ll have more details on how this will affect you. And try not to be too much of a maniac, okay?

October 15/16: Sun and Mercury sextile Mars at 23/24 degrees Libra/Sag.. Your thoughts and words will be bold and energetic. That’s great if you’ve had a hard time sticking up for yourself, but it’s no time to go yelling at the boss.

October 19/20: Venus sextile Mars at 24/25 Libra/Sag. The mood is bouncy and sociable, and so is your sex drive. Once again, this is well-timed for the weekend. Looks like there’s going to be a lot of bonding going on this fall…

October 26: Mars wakes up bleary-eyed and with a hangover to discover that it has arrived in Capricorn. Mars rolls up its sleeves and decides to get to work and promises to be more sensible from now on.

Now, please rise for the Mars in Sagittarius anthem.

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