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Last time, I spoke a little about how astrology cannot only predict the future, but can also be used to select optimum timing… in other words, to help you make the future you want. That concept can be a little mind-bending for some people, but if you thought that was weird, try this: if astrology can determine future events by looking at your date, time, and place of birth – it can also determine your date, time, and place of birth by looking at events in your past.

Yes, really. If you want to see a technical breakdown of how it’s done, read on. Otherwise, feel free to scroll down to the amusing video and the bit at the end about the free stuff.


I have always had a fascination with the weird and terrifying world of North Korea. It’s something I would have written about many times by now, were it not for the fact that,  just like so many other things to do with North Korea, there are a lot of lies and misinformation out there about the subject. For example, there is no firm birth chart for former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il. He may have been born in 1941, or he might’ve been born in 1942. He may have been born on Mount Paektu in North Korea, but there’s a good chance he was born somewhere in the Soviet Union. Predicting the future is risky enough in astrology, even when the correct data is known.

We face a similar situation with his son, current leader Kim Jong-un. Although his place of birth is less disputed, various sources give his birthdate as either January 8, 1983 or January 8, 1984. Which is correct?

The process is complex, but the idea is simple: if, based on the date time and place of birth, astrology can describe the present and predict the future — then it can also (by using the same processes) tell us what the past was like. And thus, if we know what the past was like, we can use that to determine what the birth chart is like.

You can speculate all you want about the man’s personality. The truth is, we don’t really know much about it in Kim’s case. Yes, he is a tyrant in charge of the world’s most oppressive regime. But, is he worse than his father or grandfather were? Does he like dogs more than they did or less than they did? Is he better or worse at telling jokes? Who knows? The usual personality-based approaches to astrology are largely useless in a case like this.

So let’s set aside all matters of “personality” and our presumptions about how monstrous a person must be to run a monstrous operation like North Korea. and look at the observables. Sometimes those with an interest in astrology pay so much attention to the personality that they forget that the personality is a hard-to-define thing, which only comes into existence because of a real and observable person who is subject to real and observable events. It’s one thing for an astrologer to look at your chart and say “in the next month, you will have less social contact with your coworkers” and another entirely to say “you stand a good chance of getting fired in the next month,” despite the fact that the two sort of add up to the same thing.

Man, this blog entry is getting heavy. Time for a dance break!

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An important part of Kim Jong-un’s job is to be seen leading his people. Being a successful tyrant requires a lot of job skills, and making PR appearances is one of the requirements. Kim has dropped out of sight in the last three weeks. In fact the situation has caused so much concern that the North Korean media has actually been forced to address it, which is a rarity. They claim he is suffering from “discomfort.”

(Here’s a fun project for you: try calling in sick from your job for three weeks and tell them you’re suffering from “discomfort.” Let me know how that works out for you.)

I don’t have any more access to the daily details of Kim’s life anymore than you do, and in fact even the CIA probably doesn’t know a heck of a lot about these things. But we can tell from his photos that is pretty fat – especially for a guy running a country where the average citizen eats about 800 calories a day – and that before his disappearance he was seen walking with a limp.

This could be a sign of gout, which we know the Kim family has a genetic predisposition towards. Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis that affects the joints, most notably the big toe, and is caused in part by a excess of uric acid in the blood stream. It is believed that Kim Jong-un has the same predisposition towards drinking and partying that his father had, which would only make it worse. Gout was once known as “a rich man’s disease” or” the disease of kings.”

So – and I admit we’re speculating here – if Kim’s “discomfort” is due to gout, what should we be seeing for transits to the birth chart? Inflammation, like the kind caused by gout, is ruled by Mars, and Jupiter plays a role in “excess.”  Even without a time of birth, we can look at the charts for Kim’s birthday — either 1983 or 1984 — and determine which one is having the most likely transits to cause that sort of thing.

beliefnet astrology matthew currie kim jong un

Will the real Kim Jong-un please stand up…?

Let’s look at the  transits the 1983 and 1984 charts are having, starting around three weeks ago when Kim made his last public appearance, limping:


Venus quincunx the natal Mercury-Venus conjunction. A fairly minor transit, but one that can set off eating/digestion related problems, especially given that Venus rules the kidneys, which are responsible for filtering the uric acid out of your blood stream.

Mars s square natal Mars. This is a big one for Mars-related issues.

Transiting Mars square natal Moon, but since the Moon moves fairly quickly and we don’t know his time of birth, we can’t rely on this. The Moon also has some rulership over digestive issues, and a Moon-Mars square in the birth chart could be generally indicative of food/lifestyle related health problems.

Saturn square Mars, and possibly conjunct the Moon. This is going to be a fairly difficult transit no matter who you are or what shape you’re in.

Uranus square natal Sun. The Sun has general rulership over “the life force,” and general vitality.

This particular combination of transits would be unsettling for anyone, regardless of their physical health.


– Transiting Venus square natal Venus, trine natal Mercury. Overall, no big deal.

Transiting Mars makes no major aspects to the birth chart, and wouldn’t until Mars entered Sagittarius on the 14th.

– The tail-end of the Saturn Return. Yes, the Saturn Return is a big deal for most people, but not the automatic cause of all horrors… especially in Kim’s case, as Saturn is sextile the sun. We might well expect this to be a time of improved health rather than sickness.

– Transiting Uranus is square the Sun (as is the case with the 1983 chart), but it’s been doing that for a couple of years now.

– Transiting Neptune is making a weak square to Venus, but a strong trine to Pluto.

– Transiting Pluto makes a weak sextile to natal Saturn.

So: even though the 1984 chart is just coming off of the Saturn Return, overall the indicators for trouble are much stronger in the 1983 chart. Furthermore, things are only likely to get worse as Saturn leaves Scorpio and enters early Sagittarius, conjuncting his Jupiter (and in range of the conjunction to his Uranus) in January, and again in November 2015. Keep an eye on the news.


The basic principles of rectification can be further extended so that, with some work and research, we could actually determine Kim’s time of birth as well. But frankly: that’s a lot of work, he’s a horrible man, and he’s not a paying client… so I will leave that task to someone else.


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