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You’d be amazed how much research I put into this article.

Normally on a Full Moon I would be presenting a guide to what you can expect from those crazy jangled emotional nerves that happen when the Moon is full. Rather than do that, this time around I have decided to honor the nature of the Full Moon in Pisces by inviting you on a shamanic journey. Specifically: a journey to your neighborhood dive bar.

That’s right. I am prescribing a trip to the neighborhood bar on a Monday night (Yes. One of the lesser known side benefits of being an astrology is the ability to write prescriptions). You know it’s the hard-core drinking crowd hanging out there if it’s Monday. Since Pisces has a strong association with altering one’s consciousness, this is the perfect place to spend this Harvest Moon.

Although the Full Moon hits the exact degree on Monday evening, there’s no harm in doing this on Sunday evening, or even Tuesday evening. In fact if you want to get fully into the spirit of a Pisces Moon, you might want to stay camped out at that bar for all three days. This may also help you explore another facet of the Pisces Experience: wondering why the Universe has been so cruel as to make you lose your job and/or family.

Seat yourself in a corner where you can watch everyone else in the bar. Get to know the Sun Sign of everyone in the bar by asking them. If you are a little too shy for this, offer to buy them a drink in exchange for finding out their Sign. This is not only a great way to see astrology in action and to spread the word about the ancient art of prediction, it’s also an excellent way to make friends.

Once you’re seated comfortably, make sure you are equipped with several drinks. Watch the other people at the bar and how they interact. Because this a Full Moon that is conjunct Chiron s and is closely aspecting Saturn, you are likely to see some unusual effects, as follows:

If an Aries is acting paranoid or is complaining about what a grind their work is, drink.

If Taurus is being unusually sociable, laughing loudly, flirting, or saying stuff like “I love you guys,” drink

If a Gemini is complaining loudly about their career path, the workload involved, their parents, or their home, drink.

If that Cancer over there seems particularly suspicious of other people’s motives, drink. Please note: this one is also good for other Full Moon drinking games.

If your local Leo is talking a lot about money, sex, or how they generally suspect they are being screwed over as a result of either one, drink.

If the Virgo in the bar seems unusually cheerful, outgoing, concerned with their partner, or is desperately seeking a partner, drink.

If a Libra seems overly concerned with his or her appearance, the fine details of how their accessories match, then this is absolutely nothing new… but drink anyway.

If one of the Scorpios in the bar seems to be taking their mood out on someone else, either by starting a fight or attempting to start a relationship, drink. Drink twice if they’re going after the Libra.

If a Sagittarius is complaining loudly about their work or home life, drink. If that Sagittarius also insists that continuing to drink will somehow make it better, drink twice.

If your Capricorn seems to have turned suddenly talkative and philosophical, and appears to be working out some major life issues out loud, drink. If you can convince the Capricorn to dig into their savings to buy you a drink, drink twice.

If an Aquarius is acting like they’ve got money to burn, and spending it on their friends, drink. If the Aquarius is actively flirting with anyone, drink twice. If this is actually a wealthy Aquarius, see if you can get the Aquarius to propose to you or at least proposition you (based on your own situation of course).

If the Pisces is acting friendly yet fretful, cheerful yet nervous, and intrigued yet intimidated by you, drink. In fact, this Full Moon is happening in Pisces’ First House, so see if you can talk to Pisces into buying around for the house. Sure, Pisces will feel guilty about that tomorrow, but they were likely going to end up that way anyhow.

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