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Here are a couple of photos from a hike that my wife and I took while on vacation in Montana. The hike was in Flathead National Forest, not far from Swan Lake. It was certainly nice of somebody to string […]

My son, Nathan, gets a little “air” while wakeboarding . . . . And then he get a little “air” while tubing . . . .

A couple recent vacation pics. My daughter and her friend get a little “air” over Swan Lake, Montana. My son enjoys the spray.

During our visit to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in central Florida we saw more than amazing birds. We almost stumbled upon several alligators in a little canal along the road. As we hopped out of the car to see […]

I just got back from vacation. As is my tradition, I’ll put up some photos. In a day or two I’ll get back to more substantial blogging. Our vacation began with a few days in the Sierra Nevada mountains of […]