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Well, it looks like Cleveland isn’t quite through pummeling LeBron James for abandoning their fair city to join the Miami Heat. Now, the Great Lakes Brewing Co. has released a new pale ale in honor of LeBron. It’s name? Quitness. […]

On a recent airplane flight to New York, I was checking out the SkyMall catalogue. I’ve never actually bought anything from Skymall, but I am sometimes entertained by its contents. This time was no exception. First, I was surprised to […]

As USA Today headline from today’s edition warns: “FDA report reveals airline food could pose health threat.” When I read that headline, my first thought was . . . What airline food? Then I started thinking about it . . […]

Behind the place we stay at at Laity Lodge, I have a bird feeder that gets plenty of visitors. Sparrows, chickadees, cardinals, and titmice are plentiful. But so are other, less welcome critters. The squirrels seem to think that our […]

I’m taking a short timeout from my series on illegal immigration to share some moral confusion. The L.A. Lakers just won the NBA championship. But I don’t quite know how to feel. Here’s why: I grew up as a die-hard […]

For several years I have enjoyed the cartoons of Mark Pié. His illustrated Bible stories make me laugh, and are great for sermon illustrations, Sunday School classes, and just plain fun. Now Mark is giving away some of his best […]

A recent USA Today got me thinking. Perhaps there’s a new way for us to promote Laity Lodge . . . by branding food with our logo. According to the article by Bruce Horovitz, “NBA cooks up edible logos to […]

USA Today reports that the 22nd annual National Geographic Bee is happening this week in Washington D.C. Fifty-four fifth through eighth graders will compete in this annual competition. The article includes a mini-quiz using questions from previous years. How will […]

I’ll have more to say about praying for business, but today I want to share a photo of one of my colleagues at work, focused on his business. (Marcus’ office is being remodeled, as is everything in his building, including […]

Today as I was driving to work I saw a bus from St. Mary’s University. This highly-regarded university, situated in San Antonio, was founded in 1852 and is the oldest Catholic university in the Southwest. I’ve been familiar with St. […]