Mark D. Roberts

So, once again the experts have me confused. For years, I’ve read that if you want to lose weight, you need to eat a substantial breakfast. Skipping breakfast, we were told, makes you hungrier later in the day, so that you’ll consume more calories.


As a breakfast lover, I was happy with this bit of dietetic advice. Grand Slam at Denny’s . . . here I come!

But now the “experts” have reversed ground, as usual. The New York Times reports that German researchers studied the dietary habits of a variety of people, both obese and normal sized. And what did these researchers find? That people who ate a sizable breakfast actually took in more calories each day . . . the number of calories of their breakfast. This means the traditional advice, “Eat a hardy breakfast if you want to lose weight,” is wrong.

The Times concludes: “This [study] may mean that exactly the opposite of the commonly offered advice
is correct: A smaller breakfast means fewer daily calories consumed, not


Now there may be other reasons to eat a healthy breakfast, but apparently such a practice will not help me take off the pounds I gained over Christmas vacation.

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