Mark D. Roberts

On a recent vacation trip to Bishop, California, I saw some curious signs that I thought I’d share with you.

bishop-sign-dutch-clean-8.jpgDUTCH CLEAN – I’m assuming this means “very clean.” Hence the happy face. I’ve never heard this expression before. Have you? When I was a boy, my grandmother used a substance called Old Dutch Cleanser to clean her sink. It was originally made from pumicite, a finely-grained version of pumice, that was mined from an area about 150 miles south of Bishop. Is there a relationship here?  

bishop-sign-bowling-8.jpgNow that should get you over to the bowling alley.

bishop-sign-heaven-cool-8.jpgAh, do I detect a double entendre here? The Presbyterians in Bishop are clever, don’t you think? This sign is especially effective in a town where summer temps are in the high-90s or low 100s. 

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