Mark D. Roberts

I recently became aware of the Gospel Forth website. The stated purpose of this website is to raise money for Christian causes, without financial benefit to the website’s owner. This is the claim on the website.
I do realize, of course, that people can be dishonest, even Christians who seem to be doing God’s work with integrity.  Gospel Forth’s effort would be strengthened if, for example, it had a seal of approval from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.
But Gospel Forth is not asking for your money, at least not in any direct way. Rather, it offers you a chance to direct other people’s money to worthy charities. Here’s how it works:

1. You visit the Gospel Forth website.
2. You click on a link on the homepage, which reads, “Click here to give. It’s free.”
3. This link takes you to three pages of advertising, with four ads per page. Each advertising page remains on screen for ten seconds.
4. The advertisers will give some amount of money (no doubt, a very small amount) to the mission causes connected with Gospel Forth.  Their contributions are not contingent upon your visiting their websites or buying theirproducts, but simply upon your visiting the Gospel Forth site and its ad pages.

I tried it out. The whole process took less than a minute. And I actually was intrigued by one of the advertisers, and clicked to that website, where I spent several minutes browsing. I didn’t buy anything from Historic Bibles. But in the future, who knows?
So, assuming that Gospel Forth is what it appears to be, and that it allows you to support the mission of Christ by investing a minute of your time and clicking a few links, is this a good thing? What do you think about Gospel Forth?
I’ll share my observations tomorrow. For now, I’m interested in your input, either through comments (below) or email.

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